Tuesday, March 6, 2012

HDR in Macro Photography?

Even though HDR is usually associated with landscape photography I have applied the same technique to macro shots. When I came across a water condensation on a window pane that was facing sun about an hour after sunrise (sun was very low) and the sun was reflected in water drops I knew that I will be dealing with very high dynamic range of light. The clear sky sun was magnified in the water drops while the background was very dark reflecting dark street and lawn in front of the house. I fired sequence of three shots (normal exposure, +2 and -2 stops) and then I have processed these shots in Photomatix Pro 4. The setup for shots were exactly same as in my previous blog from February 12th on macro photography. Actually, the water drops were in the very same spot. The photo generated by Photomatix was cleaned up in Photoshop Elements 10 and rotated 180°. Finished image looks like a shot from Sci-Fi movie.
Here is one of un-retouched photos that I have used.

Since I had my macro gear out I took few more shots, this time of condensation that was bunched together. For steadying my camera I used bag filled with lentils, it makes an excellent “tripod” that I use for my ground level shots.

The setup.

Bean bag is so useful!

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Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

These are AMAZING! That first shot just blows me away. I couldn't even tell what is was.... absolutely fantastic! (Love the bean bag trick. What a great way to steady the camera).

Your HDR shots in the previous post are great! Isn't that fun? I'll bet there will be a lot more HDR shots to come, am I right? :-)

I can't believe you guys have Spring already! I just assumed Canada was "always" colder, just because you are further north. Not true, I see? We don't have a single bloom here....but I'm hoping things will be in bloom when we return from FL. We come back March 20, so I think it's possible!

AWESOME shots! Hope you have a wonderful week!