Welcome to my new photo blog!
I have posted so many photographs on my main blog “My food, garden, golf etc.” that time has come to start new blog dedicated to my photography.
I was involved in photography and movie making since I was in my late teens and all my pocket money went into it. Over the years I have accumulated 1 Pentax SLR and 3 Minolta SLR bodies plus lenses that ranged from 17mm fish eye to 1000mm telephoto glass plus good bunch of strobes, tripods and motor drives. On top of that I did all film and photo processing so I still have equipment to completely set up 2 dark rooms. All museum pieces now, I guess. The digital age made the darkrooms completely obsolete to average hobbyist, same with old SLR cameras. Good thing is that with the help of adapter ring I can use most of my Minolta and Vivitar lenses with my Canon EOS digital camera. Of course, they can only be used in manual or aperture priority mode but since this is the mode I use most of the time anyway it doesn’t bother me. I will list my gear (toys?) in stand-alone page since there will be some changes over time for sure.

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