Sunday, February 5, 2012

Driving Through Amish Countryside

There are dozens of Amish and Mennonite farms and settlements just a short drive from Tillsonburg. In order to accommodate Amish horse & buggies every larger store, including Wal-Mart, Metro Supermarket and even Canadian Tire have erected hitching posts on their parking lots. First time I saw horse & buggy in Canadian Tire parking lot I was amused, then I realized that they were there for farm hardware. Now, we don’t even give it a second look, it is just part of living in this community. Following images were taken last Saturday, January 4th.

Sign says it all. This hitching post has seen its share of horses.

Returning from the field. I shot this through windshield of a moving car so quality is not great.

Old Amish one-room school, still in use.

Satellite view of the school – notice the baseball diamond and children playing outside.

Quaker settlers’ burying grounds.

Typical country road in Oxford County: no potholes, no bumps, just a pleasure to drive on.

Very old maple with cedar fence.

Pussy Willow on February 4th?


Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

Jerry, these are fantastic! So much creative. LOVE them all! Looks like you're having some beautiful weather. In Canada at this time of year, is that possible?!

We had 68 degree temps on Tuesday, and then got 13 inches of snow on Friday - eek! Hubby and I are going downtown tonight to see if we can get some city/snowy/nighttime shots. Our downtown isn't that we'll see what I can get.

Beautiful shots... all of them! Thanks for sharing! :-)

Jerry said...

13 inches? Ouch! That is a lot of snow for one day!!! Here, everything is green, very weird, should have so much snow on the side of our driveway that I would not be able to see the road, but...we are not complaining :). Good luck in your shoot. I'm sure that you are going to teach TT how to make snow angels. Are you taking tripod?