Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Winter Project

As I was thinking few days ago where I am going to set-up my microscope mounted with camera to photograph single snow flake I received email from my blogger friend challenging me to do just that. What an incredible coincidence! Looks like we shutterbugs think alike. So, out I went, let the microscope and slides cool down to below freezing temperature, got the lights set up and started collecting snowflakes. But I was out of luck. The snow we got overnight was more like a frozen fog and all I saw was tiny ice crystals that reminded me of sea salt. Eureka! I will shoot salts instead, who knows, it might even make a decent image. Well, it wasn’t to be. It was interesting but I am not sure I would print them. Still, here they are.
I have expected to see beautiful, clear crystals but what I saw looked more like sand. (Oops, another macro photography project: sand. That one has to wait few months, though). I will be watching weather forecasts for some nice heavy snow, I am all set up and ready to go.

Himalayan Pink Mountain Salt Crystals are the same size as regular table salt.
50mm macro with 2X extender and 31mm extension tube, f/22, ISO 400, lighted by 1,030 lumens halogen spot light. Focus was assisted by macro focusing rail and focused in live view zoomed down to maximum and 2 sec. shutter delay.

Coarse sea salt, same camera settings as above.


Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

WOW!!! Really??!!! I can't believe these are sea salts! That 2nd shot is crazy! Love it! Hmmm... might have to copy you on this one. That fruit in the water seems a little beyond my capabilities, but this one looks do-able. And how cool are the results! Great job! :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by yesterday! What a crazy day it was. I was going to email you back, but it was going on 11:00pm before I got some "me" time - LOL.... so I headed to bed. Oh, and the shot you asked about - handheld. My settings were f 4.5 ss 1/2500 and ISO 1000. Ummm... DUH Karli! Do you see anything wrong with those numbers?! Sheesh! With my shutter that fast, I could have lowered my ISO waaaaay down; good thing the Mark II handles noise well. That was just me trying to get a shot before the boys moved. :-)

Hope you have a wonderful week! :-)

Jerry said...

Thanks, Karli. To receive compliments from such talented photographer like you means a lot to me. I’m sure that you can do the berry drop project. The setup doesn’t have to be complicated. I’ll email you some pointers. Still waiting for snow. One day…